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After 15 years providing services to Portage Park neighbors and the Chicagoland Community, I've retired and would like to sell the Portage Park Handyman Service. There is a significant need for handyman services in the community. Proximity to the expressways and northwest side of the city make it an ideal location to base a handyman service. If you are comfortable doing home repairs, or are willing to learn, it's a very rewarding field. If you are considering contacting one of the franchises, this opportunity is available for thousands of dollars less. Contact me directly to talk about a transfer of ownership. The positive reviews, good reputation, and need for honest service delivery make owning your own business very rewarding. Because of the established reputation and good reviews, the phone still rings.

If this might be a good fit for you or someone you know, please contact me to discuss it.

Rich Escallier
Portage Park Handyman

Below is an article written by a friend of mine that mentions some experiences over those years.

Life as a Handyman

Rich Escallier is the owner of Portage Park Handyman Service (PPHS), founded in 2004. His brochure asks homeowners, "Not enough time to do it all? Enjoy your time at home. Call us for help with your to-do list." Electrical repairs, flooring, yard work, decks and fencing, gutters, plumbing, drywall, painting and touch-up, flooring, general repairs, and carpentry work are just some of the common services provided by Rich. Rich offered his services in the neighborhood for 15 years. Calls still come in asking for services even though Rich has moved out of the neighborhood. His work as a handyman has given him personal and professional rewards.

Rich worked in the medical field as a certified clinical perfusionist. A perfusionist operates a heart-lung machine, which is an artificial blood pump, which propels oxygenated blood to the patient's tissues. His work was critical but often interrupted family dinners and holidays; and although his efforts were live saving, Rich wanted more.

Rich worked with his carpenter brother. They knocked a roof off and put a second floor on his home. Rich found his passion. "I would come home filled with satisfaction from the heartfelt thanks I received from homeowners. I loved this job. I helped people in more ways than repairing household items. Once I was able to enable a woman to stay in her home, by adding rails to help her move around the house. Her housekeeper exclaimed, 'You were sent by God!' Sometimes it's just an easy fix that makes a homeowner's life easier. A young mother would awaken her toddler every time she touched the squeaky bedroom door. A dab of Vaseline on the hinge pins, and her life was a little easier."

There is so much job satisfaction and with owning your own business, you can adjust your schedule to fit your family. Most of the calls came in after the weekend. You would start your day with no scheduled appointments, and at the end of the day, you would have a full schedule. Rich's success rate was that he was always prepared. "I have a van that was equipped with tools, construction material, and miscellaneous items I had picked up at hardware shows that came in handy." A lot of homeowners not only don't have the time or the skill but also don't have the right tools to get the job done, and it might not be worth the investment in the tools for one job. It is a great feeling to have a reputation that grows fast and to be trusted in anyone's home. One of Rich's solutions to a common issue in the city dealt with garages that were broken into. About nine percent of burglars break in through the garage, according to the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI). The intruder can gain access into the garage simply by kicking the doors in. Rich replaced all the original screws, which are often shorter than an inch, of the strike plate and hinges to new ones that are at least 2½ inches long. Short screws are unable to anchor the strike plate and the hinges to the door frame properly and highly increase the chance of a successful break-in.

Rich feels that for a successful business to grow, you need to answer your calls and show up and, most importantly, clean up after yourself. "It was easy to be happy; I loved what I did."

Rich is ready to hang his hammer up and enjoy his life in a senior community. Handyman businesses range from individually run small businesses to giant handyman franchises. The U.S. handyman franchise industry earns $3 billion. With a strong reputation and people at home more now than ever, Rich handled various-size projects with tremendous online reviews and great customer satisfaction ratings. PPHS is a well-established specialty home improvement business. Reviews from customers on give Rich high praise. Portage Park is on the northwest side of Chicago. Easy access to the Kennedy and Edens Expressways, Metra, and the 'L' make it a convenient and appreciating place to live. Anyone interested in discussing the purchase of PPHS, and the skills and experience necessary to continue its successful operation as a thriving small business, can e-mail Rich at For those with talent, patience, and passion for perfection, finding a handyman business for sale can create a fine living out of an honest day's work. Being willing to learn is more important than having vast experience.

Thanks, friends, neighbors, and anyone interested enough to read this article.

Rich Escallier
Portage Park Handyman