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How Green is Your Handyman?

I strongly believe that keeping our environment clean and healthy is everybody's responsibility, and I practice what I preach. Here are just a few ways that Portage Park Handyman keeps the ecology in mind.

Too Much Cement? No Such Thing!
While doing a minor cement repair, I had mixed a full bag of cement when a quarter of a bag would have sufficed. I was cleaning up in the alley and about to throw the excess in the garbage -- and my That's not very green! alarm went off. Fortunately, so did the light bulb over my head.
After the brutal winter of 2013-2014, I didn't have to walk down the street more than 25 feet before I found a pothole that had no trouble swallowing up half a bag of cement.
Staying Sharp
When I sharpen my carpenter's pencil, I do so over the compost container. The shavings become mulch.
Rebuilding Exchange
When I install new items for cosmetic preference, I donate a functional fixture or faucet to Rebuilding Exchange.
No Parts Left Unused
Any leftover metal is left for the scrappers to collect and use.
Don't Litter With Cat Litter!
Just about everybody has a friend with a cat. If this is you -- or if you have a cat -- you can repurpose a cat litter container. This one now stores rock salt on our porch, and we used an artwork sticker (available for $6) to cover the container's original verbiage.
These containers can also be used to hold grass seed, play sand, or indoor plants, among other things.