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Preventive Maintenance

Sink Leaks
The J- or S-shaped tube under your sink is called a P-trap. Its purpose is to fill with water, make a seal, and prevent sewer gas from coming into the home. Drain pipes can be metal or plastic.
The only advantage of a metal drain pipe is that it looks better than plastic. Plastic drain pipes are a better choice than metal drain pipes because:
  • They do not corrode (ever)
  • They flow better. (Things have a much harder time getting stuck in plastic pipes.)
  • They rarely leak.
  • They last forever.

I receive a call to replace a corroded (and/or leaking) P-trap every week or two. The metal (chrome-plated brass) P-trap in my vanity took 20 years to fail. But metal P-traps will fail; the only question is when they will fail. I've never been called for problems with a properly-installed plastic P-trap, and I've never seen one corroded or ready to fail.
There are two tests to see if your sink is going to leak:
  1. Touch (as delicately as possible) the bottom of the metal drain under your sink. If it feels like sandpaper, then the drain is close to the end of its useful life.
  2. Gently push on the bottom of the pipe. If there is any movement at all, the pipe is in danger of imminent failure. REPLACE IT SOON!!

Never do test #2:
  • before dinner
  • if you have anything else to do that day
  • if you didn't get--or don't need--a good night's sleep
  • when the plumbing stores are closed or about to close

Bare Wood
All exterior tissue (including bare wood) should have a quick debridement (a visit from the scraper or a wire brush) and a dressing (spot primer) before the winter. This is essential for the health of your home!!