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Gardens by Portage Park Services

Would you like to enhance your curb appeal, the enjoyment of your garden, and increasing your property value? It's the #2 home improvement that pays off. Let Gardens by Portage Park Services help. We offer a variety of services for you to choose from. Give us a call today. You can click this link to see examples of our work.

Garden Coach
Spring Cleanup
Garden Design (and installation at most sites)
This option is for gardens in need of a design and/or installation, whether you're starting with a blank canvas or in need of renovation. I will meet with you and find out about your style, your needs and wishes for your garden, and how you plan to use it. This will enable me to design a garden that meets your needs and one that will be enjoyable for years to come.
Garden Consultation
This option is for homeowners who already have an established garden and may want additional plantings, maintenance, some direction, or advice. I will visit your home, charging an hourly garden consultation fee. At this time I would listen to your concerns and wishes for your space, offer suggestions, and answer your questions. What will you come away with? A list of suggestions outlined in a way that may enable you to implement the changes yourself, or an estimate on any tasks you want further assistance with.
Garden Coach
This option is for homeowners who enjoy working in their gardens and may want to work hand in hand alongside a horticulturist in order to enhance their space and learn while doing so. We can help you start a herb or vegetable garden; a child's garden with a place to plant, dig, and play; or a flower bed -- with front yard and back yard assistance. Want to learn how and when to prune your shrubs, how to sharpen your garden tools, or how to test and amend your soil? Are you interested in starting a compost bin, or are you having issues with an existing bin? Are you interested in vermicompost? Plants need to be moved or divided? You can tell me what's important to you and what you hope to gain or learn while working with a garden coach.
Spring Cleanup
  • Removal of accumulated debris from planting beds and landscape areas
  • Pruning of shrubs damaged during the winter
  • Assessment of winter damage to plants and the need for replacement
Garden Maintenance
  • Frequency of visits determined based on your needs and budget.
  • Maintain cleanliness of planters.
  • Monitor, evaluate and treat any disease and/or pest conditions.
  • Perform any necessary pruning and deadheading, remove old foliage around plants.
  • Remove accumulated debris from planting beds and landscape areas.
  • Planting bed outline to be redefined as needed.
  • Edging along sidewalk/lawn as needed.
  • Remove weeds in planting beds.
  • Soil and mulch can be provided at an additional cost.