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Rich Escallier offers prompt, professional,
efficient, and reasonably-priced solutions
to home repairs and remodeling.


Below are reviews of Rich's quality work, including reviews from Yelp.

Rich calls himself a handyman. I call him a MAGIC MAN!! He seems to be able to do anything!! We used him for carpentry, plumbing, and electrical projects last week.

He arrived on time, made trips to get things needed to complete my project list, and discussed what (and why) he was going to do before he did it. He is quite knowledge. Must say there was one project he didn't complete...because he knew it would be cost-prohibitive, so honest!

I kept adding tasks to my list and Rich had to come back another day. He estimated about what we'd owe for that return visit. As it turned out the job required more time than Rich expected, but he stuck to that original price quote!!

Not just a handyman but an HONEST man!!

Sue H., Dan, and Katie

We were struggling with multiple last-minute projects at our rental unit. It started with caulking the bathtub to painting baseboards. One look at several excellent Yelp reviews convinced me to give Rich a call. Unfortunately, he was working at a different large project at the time but recommended Ben for these projects. I was a little hesitant to go with anyone but Rich himself, but due to the time constraint decided to give Ben a shot. Thank goodness I did. Ben turned out to be an extremely nice, honest, and affordable handyman. After the past few contractors and handymen you begin to realize how rare it is to have any of those qualities in one handyman let alone all three! His workmanship was great, and he helped out with several other projects around the house. The best part, my condo showings went smoothly after that and we were able to get it rented! If you are DIY-challenged like I am, give Rich or Ben a call.


Why does it always seem like when things break they come in threes? First it was just the sink. There was a puddle forming on the base of the faucet attachment, which Rich was able to fix right away with barely any effort. The garbage disposal had been broken about 2 days after the sink, so I called Rich again. He came out, fixed it, and stuck to his estimate (priceless!). Last but not least, there was some kind of insane problem with the toilet because every time anyone sat in it, it would wobble back and forth because something was loose. Rich fixed everything and I was able to focus on other things again!

Niel J.

For a single mom, having a handyman is a must. I can't lift certain things, and Lord knows I can never fix anything. I get way too frustrated! So when a pipe burst in my bathroom and started flooding everything, I had no idea what to do. I called Rich because he had high ratings, and he walked me through the process of turning off the water as well as coming out pretty much right away. The water was off for less than two hours, everything got fixed, and I didn't have to sacrifice anyone's bath time! I highly recommend this company!

Donna M.

I am a first-time user of the Portage Park Handyman, and I could not be more pleased. Rich was prompt in responding to my e-mail (more prompt than I), and his prices were very reasonable. His associate, Dave, came out and repaired our water damaged bathroom ceiling and bedroom wall. The repairs are flawless, and he completed the work neatly and quickly. I will definitely use their service again.

Kathleen O.

I first came to know Rich when I hired him to fix closet shelves that had been installed improperly by the previous owner. The work was high quality, and the price was fair. That was several years ago, and since then I have had numerous occasions to employ his services and was very pleased each time. He has become an adviser on all things home related and has had been entrusted with access to my place for the past three years.

Recently, we hired him to rehang kitchen cabinets and realized that very day that we needed to get a new microwave too. (The old one had been kaput for a month or so.) Rich found one that would suit, picked it up at the store, and installed it along with the cabinets, all of this being handled over the phone. The workmanship was superlative, and the convenience was worth far more than the modest price he charged for the extra legwork. If (when!) we need repairs, new installations or even advice, we will certainly be calling Rich.

Jonathan G.

I figured by becoming a homeowner, I'd have my fair share of fix-it projects around the house, but I never, ever thought I'd have a major one happen three days after I bought the place.

Thanks to the shortcuts taken by the previous homeowner during renovations, I got to experience the gushing sound of gallons of water cascading across my kitchen floor when my sink detached itself from the counter one night.

Now, I consider myself fairly handy, but this was a job for a professional. Preferably, a professional who doesn't charge a lot, considering I wasn't planning to have something break so soon. I looked to Yelp and found awesome reviews for Mr. Rich Escallier, so I decided to give it a shot. And I'm glad I did.

Rich came out to check out the damage, gave a fair estimate, and went right to work. Unfortunately, the work took longer than he had hoped, but Rich didn't complain - and he didn't take any shortcuts. He did an outstanding professional job. Thanks to him, I now have a fully-functioning kitchen sink that should stay in place for eternity.

If you have a project that requires work beyond your level or knowledge, I highly recommend Rich!

Amy R.

Dear Rich,

I just wanted to thank you again for fixing our back door lock so quickly and efficiently. It has been so much more pleasurable to own our home since you became our handyman a few years back. Whenever anything goes wrong, instead of worrying, now I just call you! Whenever I look around my 90 year old frame home, I see jobs that you have done. Jobs that were done well, in a timely manner and were affordable.

So far you have fixed a back door that did not close properly for over ten years - numerous other handymen and carpenters could not figure out what the problem was, but you did. You have replaced rotted wood at my foundation sill plate, replaced deck stairs that broke only hours before a huge annual party, fixed an electric outlet that did not work, and fixed a basement door. I'm sure there are other projects that you did that I can't even remember. You have also advised me on other small jobs that I could do myself, but needed advice on. So thanks again, and I'm sure I will see you soon.

Sheila and Brian Barry

I called Rich for a very small job: installing an air conditioner. He did a wonderful job and made me feel very reassured that it was done right. He seems like the kind of person who would go the extra mile to make sure you're taken care of. Such a nice guy. I would definitely call him again if I needed any other work done.

Sonia L.

Rich Escallier is excellent.

My apartment needed some urgent repairs and my landlord said I could just hire someone instead of waiting for her guy (broken toilet seat from when I moved in and the broken window that nearly severed my index finger from my dominant hand). I called Rich.

Rich was fairly booked (the week before Labor Day weekend), and I had to wait three days until he was free, but he arrived at the expected time, did a neat, quick job, and even noticed a wasp's nest and sprayed it for me while he was here. His minimum charge for coming out (in the city at least) is $75, so it's a good idea to bundle your repairs. But if you've got little stuff that's been driving you crazy, it's definitely worth it.

Kathleen O.

I always call Rich when something needs to be fixed. A wonderful job by a true professional - I recommend his sevices to everyone I know.

Mary Q.

I don't often take the time to write reviews on the web unless I am truly pleased with the service or product. However, when it comes to Rich, I cannot recommend anyone else with higher regard. He has done a variety of work around my house: installing new locks on doors, hanging a new ceiling fan, installing outside security lights, front porch light, fixing my toilet tank, adding a new toilet seat, and I am certain other things I am forgetting.

Last spring Rich came out to replace locks on my back door and garage door, and took the extra time to do it right so that it would not be easy for anyone to break in. When I left for work yesterday morning, I could tell someone had attempted to break into the garage through the side door given the marks and slight damage to the door exterior. Clearly the thief did not break in and must have moved on to an easier target. Rich's quality work prevented this break-in and probably saved us a lot of money in potential theft/damage.

Need I say more? Give him a call. Hire him!

Rachel B.

Rich is honest, trustworthy, and a very handy guy to know.

He has fixed many things for years around my place. To name a few... he fixed the broken doors of my fine wood buffet with new hinge hardware, he cut a way-too-tall wood frame of my daughter's bed down to size, remade and secured the supports and frame on the underside, Rich fixed kitchen cabinetry, sealed windows and doors fixing the water leaking into the home problem. I am always happy with his work.

S. M.

I highly recommend giving Rich a call or email, he completed several projects for me within a week. They included installing a new thermostat, mounting a 37-inch flat-screen TV, and installing a new garbage disposal. Rich was very personable and did an excellent job.

With the disposal installation it ended up requiring more work than Rich anticipated, but he stuck to his estimate even though he didn't have to. He even guaranteed his work and said if a drop of water appeared under the sink to give him a call. Rich's work speaks for itself, and the next time I need a hand with a project I'm definitely going to call Portage Park Handyman.

Thanks, Rich!


Great, great experience! He was helpful and knowledgeable and was very responsive to my needs. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a handyman.

Kerry M.

I was doing a little remodeling and was intimidated by the drywall finishing that was needed. Rich came in with a fair quote and did an excellent job. He accomplished in one day what would have taken me a week or more working every night, and the walls look better than I could have ever hoped to accomplish.

Rich replied to my email the same day I sent it and he met me the next day to see the job. Two days later he was at my condo working on the project and finished on time as promised.

I'm definitely keeping Rich's card some place safe for the next time I can't finish what I start.

Jason G.

I've used Rich for both small and medium-sized jobs. I won't echo everything else that's been said, so I will just say:

- Honest to a tee. I just give him my keys when I need something done. (I wouldn't give my MOM a key to my house!)

- No B.S. He'll tell you how it is: when to hire a specialist, when to fix something the "right way" vs. the "cheap way," etc.

- A fixture in the neighborhood. Rich knows Portage Park housing stock up and down and has seen it all.

Brian N.

I called Rich after another contractor blew me off for a couple days. We insulated our back sunroom and had 36 2-inch holes in our drywall that needed repairing. I called Rich, and he came out THE NEXT DAY with his son and finished the job that same day. He charged $500 for the job, which was a lot less than other bids. (We were told by others that we would need three separate visits.) Rich was timely, professional, and a damn nice guy. He and his son also did a fantastic job!!!!

I will definitely be calling again next time we have some work around here.

Oh, and the other guy I initially contacted finally got back to me today, two days after the job was done by Rich.

Michelle C.

Rich is phenomenal, friendly, and a godsend. He has helped me with numerous projects in both my home and rental, and he knows his stuff backward and forward. His rates are very reasonable, and he doesn't make you feel stupid because you can't do it yourself. He can also admit when something is outside of his expertise and has recommended a great HVAC service for our icebox in the basement.

Natalie F.

Rich is great. I had a big plumbing problem right before a big party at my place. I called the guy and begged him to come right away. He was on another job and kind of not in the area, but after I explained my situation he agreed to come. When he got to my place he fixed the leaking toilet in no time, and the price was great. Now I got his number on the fridge at all times.

Jim Z.

I had a number of little projects to handle--installing a new programmable thermostat and a new storage door lock, installing a small sheet of drywall, replacing a light bulb in the refrigerator. I tried to handle some of them, but after several very frustrating weekends, I searched Yelp for a handyman and settled on Rich. I cannot say enough good things.

First, he confirmed an appointment time via email along with an estimate, and when he was running late, called to let me know that. The work once he arrived was professionally done and stuck to the estimate originally quoted. He is honest and hard-working, two qualities often absent in the contractor/handyman business. I have peace of mind knowing these projects have been handled. I will definitely use him again.

Dana J.

Rich is a great call to make if you don't know anything about (mechanical) home repair and you don't want to get ripped off! I had him over to look at my garbage disposal, which was totally fried. He had a new one installed with minimal labor costs in two days, and he also looked at my refrigerator for me (even though he does not do refrigeration) to give ideas on how to keep it running.

Highly recommended!

Julia K.

My husband and I are first-time homeowners and were terrified when we had our first pipe freeze and then break. We had several plumbers come to the house (the first one just made holes and didn't fix a thing!) -- and several started talking about uprooting our entire kitchen! That's when we went on Yelp and found Rich -- thank God! Rich gave us an honest, very reasonable estimate over the phone -- we sent pictures of the damage, and he told us up front what his approach would be to fixing each and every aspect. In the end, we felt so great about Rich that we had him do other minor work while he was here, too (caulking, hanging pictures, etc.). I cannot say enough wonderful things about Rich!!! We are keeping his phone number on hand to pass around to friends or neighbors whenever they need a handyman...and I'll now make ongoing to-do lists for Rich instead of my husband...which keeps us all happy! We will definitely be using Rich again for jobs big or small -- we highly recommend him -- and you will thank your lucky stars that you read this review and got a nice, honest, professional handyman who does excellent, high quality work!

Nicole B.