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A very good way to protect your property is with a dead bolt and double strike plate. I use this combination in my home.
A strike plate is screwed into the jamb, and the latch of a dead bolt goes into it to lock the door.
This is a standard strike plate with ¾-inch screws that go about ⅝ inch into the door jamb.

Part of the installation is this double strike plate with four screws.
This 3-inch screw goes through the jamb and into the framing member (2x4) behind the jamb. Note the thickness of the primary strike plate.
Here is how everything assembles with both strike plates.
If a homeowner wants to change locks, this is worth considering. It will allow you to have one key for the knob and deadbolt on the front, back, basement, and garage doors. New homeowners should also consider this security measure.
As a handyman, I've been called to repair many doors that have been kicked in. Burglars often kick doors in to gain access to a home or garage. I've never been called to repair a door that had a properly installed double dead bolt system. Consider Rachel's Yelp review:
Last spring Rich came out to replace locks on my back door and garage door and took the extra time to do it right so that it would not be easy for anyone to break in. When I left for work yesterday morning, I could tell someone had attempted to break into the garage through the side door given the marks and slight damage to the door exterior. Clearly the thief did not break in and must have moved on to an easier target. Rich's quality work prevented this [potential] break-in, and probably saved us a lot of money in potential theft/damage.
Need I say more? Give him a call. Hire him!